• Get outside - Geocache time! Spring adventures!

    Flip the Dog tries Geocaching! - Get yourself outside and go hunting.
  • Baby steps to a healthier life

    When you know there are so many areas that you could do with mixing up, panicking and running / simply looking the other way seems easier. But, if you break it down, and start with one or two changes, the rest starts to look possible. Read our Guest Healthy Living Blogger's thoughts on Baby Steps to make some changes. 
  • TATLER May 2019 - We're in May's issue yay!

    Very excited to see Flip the Dog with some aerial action alongside some other amazing 'Game Changers' in Tatler's May issue. Spring happiness! Yay!
  • Here we are in Pebble Mag this March Yay!

    Check out the comments about Flip the Dog's leggings from Pebble Magazine in their March Lust List
  • Our Flipping Omies

    Our Flipping Omies - a little about where these little ladies came from.
  • Top tips on how to invest wisely in your performance kit in 2019!

    Top tips for investing in fitness wear in 2019!
  • 6 Easy ways to Flip fast fashion

    Top tips for buying sustainably and flipping up fast fashion. Even if you start by dabbling in one or two of the points below, its a step change in the right direction.
  • As seen in Pebblemag November's Lust List!

    Flip the Dog is on the Lust List! yay!
  • Flipping British Made :)

    Why we are proud to be able to say Flip the Dogs are Made in Britain.
  • The Flipping new Collection has landed! Yay!

    Well, we have finally gone live with the new collection. We have had so much fun designing and creating this new range and taking them out for our ...
  • Flipping new collection!!!!!

    We are very proud to be snapping at the heels of our new collection's launch.
  • Flip the Dog takes time in Croatia

    Taking some time in gorgeous Croatia - Flip the Dog style, let's press pause for a while.