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Why the name Flip The Dog?

Helen Mincher Behind the scenes start up sustainable fashion

Why the name, Flip The Dog? Why the hell not? We love this name! It’s cool and stands out in the category whether you are into yoga or not.

Flip The Dog (or camatkarasana for the traditionalists) is a lesser known yoga pose, and so we liked the subtle connection to our first collection of activewear. But it also works on a number of different levels for us.

We are trying to ‘flip’ the UK’s love of black work-out wear on its head. Black is the absence of all light, absorbing all colour. It is unfriendly and intimidating; incongruous with a yoga practice. And frankly very dull.

The yoga tights we’re making are designed in conjunction with a master tailor with over 30 experience at a number of leading fashion houses.  The technical fabric is high quality with 4-way stretch and 100% opaqueness. And they are all in glorious technicolour!

The Flip The Dog pose is outward facing, confident and expressive and aligns perfectly with our mission to bring colour and design to the studio creating a range of  workout gear that is as expressive as the practice and as vibrant as the wearer.

Lastly, we want to ‘flip’ fast fashion practices and operate conscientiously, supporting local economies and establishing manufacturing processes that care about the people and world around us.

Dog flipped!  Tell us what you think.

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