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Sizing you up

Rebecca Handley Behind the scenes product development start up

We’ve been finalising our size chart this week. Every retailer has their own size chart; their own version of a size 10 or size 12. M&S veers on the generous side, Topshop, teeny tiny. We created ours by measuring every inch of friends and neighbours legs, bottoms and ankles, Only occasionally awkward.

This is a very short post to name-check all the lovely ladies that have helped us to do this.

So in no particular order, a big fat Flip The Dog (yer I said it), heart felt thank you to:

Aileen, Jennie, Susy, Charlotte, Melissa, Emily, Megan, Emma, Sara, Dawn, Ina, Clara, Louisa, Bea, Cliona, Angela, Carol, Lucy and Maria.

Image by qthomasbower 

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