Flip The Dog Pants. A quick look behind the scenes…

We were overwhelmed at the number of pre-orders we received (thank-you!).  These are being manufactured as we speak and will be arriving on doorsteps early next week.

For those of you that missed out, our website will be live in the next fortnight or so and you’ll be able to order directly then.  Our first production run is fairly small so please don’t be shy about dropping us a note in advance if you want to reserve some.

And a little update on us…   

Helen wrapped up her job at LinkedIn after a 4 year stint.  She’s taking some time out to be a mummy and of course to focus on Flip The Dog. She’s also leaving London and moving to Leeds imminently (BIG sad face).

Following in her footsteps, I’ve also decided to seek pastures new.  I’m leaving my job at the NHS to focus on our start-up as well as pursuing a couple of other interests.

Whilst Flip The Dog is first and foremost an activewear brand, at it’s heart it has a clear philosophy around embracing life and being brave enough to make changes as appropriate.

So we’re trying to put what we preach into action.  It’s pretty scary but we’re excited to see where it all ends up.

There’s a gag in here somewhere about flipping the dog and flipping our lives but I’m not quite sure what that is right now.  Please feel free to riff on that in our comments though…

Thanks again for your continued support.


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