An ode to colour

Yoga; a fusion of mind and body. ‘The union of self being the ultimate principle’ It’s unique and expressive, rooted in a presence and harmony with the world around us.

Yet look around a yoga studio – or indeed, most gyms, and everyone is in black. Black is the absence of all light, absorbing all colour. It is unfriendly and intimidating; incongruous with a yoga practice. And frankly very dull!    

And so here began our mission – and our obsession with colour –  to create workout gear that is as expressive as the practice and as vibrant as the wearer. We believe that by bringing colour into the studio, you bring passion; your full vibrancy. Its a celebration of your unique self, an openness and warm energy that can not only lift and enhance your practice but infect those around you.  

Still working out in black?  Consider our Ode to Colour…. And then sit tight until launch! 

Lady Legs. No longer shall we hide thee away… swallow you up in black or banish you to dreary grey.  

The dog days are over. Lady Legs be free!  

Root us to the ground, Lift us to the sky; Vest us to a world of vibrancy and colour.  

Candy-striped happiness; passionate luminous force, Lady Legs, We salute you!  

Go forth, our most fine and dandy. Be Bold. Be Present. Be Happy.


Photograph by Zaprittsky

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