Baby steps to a healthier life

Baby steps to a healthier life

Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start. You know where you want to end up but how to get there is the scary part. There are always so many reasons why you can’t but so many reasons why you should. Sometimes making changes can just seem overwhelming.

When you know there are so many areas that you could do with mixing up, panicking and running / simply looking the other way seems easier. But, if you break it down, and start with one or two changes, the rest starts to look possible.

I’m coming at this from a past me where fitting in exercise and healthy eating to a life where I had a busy city job, was running a business on the side, had 2 energetic children with a social and sports diary that was overwhelming at times, made finding some time to prioritise my health and fitness always something I’d plan to get to but never quite manage. And then I realised I did not need to change everything from the outset, that I could fit in some healthy bits, and get this journey started.

  1. You Tube action

I was a bit late to the party it seems, but suddenly, working out at home was not limited to the celebrity fitness DVD gathering dust bunnies on the shelf. I explored YouTube. Getting out to fitness classes or the gym was never going to happen for me. But there, with a press of a few buttons on my remote, I had a whole lycra clad buffet of workouts. There were the short 5-minute upper arm bingo wing busters I could do in the kitchen on the iPad whilst cooking tea, there were the morning and bedtime yoga videos I got the kids in on, there was the Bollywood workout I hope no-one could see through the lounge window, (not my finest hour!). If I got bored with something, I could try something else. Check out what they have on there. You might just find something you like!

  1. Water, water, water…. And then some.

I found an old glass carafe number in the back of the kitchen cupboard, took it to work, filled it up and ploughed my way through it during the day. Admittedly, at the beginning, I spent half the day wee-ing and my colleagues probably thought I had some issues…. but I just made it part of my routine, like turning on the computer when I got in.

  1. Move it move it

I tried to move more. Simples. Kitchen dancing became a thing. Cooking the tea, I would put on some tunes…. And just move a bit more.

I feel I wasn’t born to be a runner. It does not come naturally to me. I’m sure I look like Phoebe in Friends when I run. (If you don’t know that episode, You Tube it) Should that bother me? Probably not…. But if I don’t feel comfortable doing something, I won’t stick to it. But walking, now that I‘ve got down! Although my Dad once told me he’d been able to spot me in a crowd by my walk…… maybe that’s Phoebe-esque as well……. Eeek! Anyway, I thought about my week, where I have to get to.. and just made sure that I worked more walking in. Got off the bus a few stops early….. Left the car further away. It had to fit in with school runs etc and not make me late but when I thought about it, I could do so much more. And I just tried to walk a bit faster. And even better, I saved money.

  1. Plan Stan!

I realised that I was semi-winning at motherhood by diligently making my children’s pack lunches and getting the shopping in so I could make them a well-balanced smug lunch. But I did not even think about myself. And by doing that, I ended up buying lunch out, grabbing junk on the go. It was costing me in so many ways. Now, in the evening, when I’m cooking the dinner, I turn the kitchen upside down and make the pack lunches at the same time, prep my breakfast, multi meal kitchen carnage….. but it’s working. I do not have to go near the temptations at the station, in the coffee shop. And small thing as it is, I feel like I’m bringing myself back into the domestic equation.


This was what I started with and by making these changes, and feeling better and like I could and I did, it encouraged me to do more and more. When I could manage a plank without feeling like the end was nigh, I realised I had done something good, something positive and something for me.


Thanks for taking the time to read my musings, Omies. Hope I’ll be invited back soon!! Meanwhile, work on your baby steps…..



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