Five things I learnt this year

1 – Coloured yoga pants are everywhere!  18 months ago, when we first started dabbling with Saville Row pattern cutters, crazy prints and technical fabrics, we thought we were onto a good idea: flipping the nations love of black workout gear by crafting leggings that make you feel inspired and happy. This year, a plethora of new brands, and even old favourite brands, launched coloured work out gear. This taught us that, a) we were onto a good idea, and, b) standing firm with our brand values will be paramount. We reaffirmed our commitment to quality, price, and responsible business, creating truly sustainable pants... even in the wake of far cheaper options.


2 – We have a HUGE amount of education to do. We found that people generally have no idea of the scale of the issues in the fashion industry. No idea about the impact that cheap disposable fashion has on the planet, on individuals and on economies as a whole. And no idea that they are working out in plastic. Yes, if you are opting for technical, sweat-wicking, body compressing work-out gear, it is essentially a plastic. And you can choose something made from recycled plastic, or something that uses fresh virgin resources. Small choice, big impact.


3 – The roll call of perfect yoga bodies pulling the perfect pose on Instagram gets pretty dull. And pretty uninspiring as it feels so unobtainable. So lets fill Instagram in 2017 with celebratory beautiful lady legs having fun and doing amazing things. We LOVE your happy customer shots. We loved Celeste Barber’s take on recreating perfect instagram shots and we loved loved JP Spears’ ‘Ultra Spirital Life’ series on youtube. Check out episode 34 for the hilarious ‘How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram’ #yoga #yogalife #livingtheyogaloca


4 – Mistakes will happen. And happen a lot! It is how you deal with them that will define you and your business. Make sure you understand why they happened so they can be prevented from happening again. Plot your next steps and solutions, as there will be a next step and way to fix the mistake…. Just don’t beat your self up. That just wastes time and energy. Instead focus on what you learned and how to move forward.


5 – I LOVE Rebecca Handley! I knew this already, but she's put up with me moving to practically the other side of the country, conference calls with a squawking two-year old in tow and she’s now such a wonderful mom, as well as friend, business partner and all round good person. 2016 was a good year for creating new Flip The Dog members.  I wonder what 2017 will bring.... 

Do tell us what you would like to see from Flip The Dog next year - we'd love to get your thoughts.

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