Flip the Dog - Hooptastic! What do you do in yours?!

Just back from a very fun afternoon with the talented Zoe.... aerial artiste, ice skater, juggler and ..... hula hoop artiste extraordinaire! (@zoegeorginaruth on IG)

Did you know that hooping for 20 minutes burns round 200-250 calories, depending on how hard you work? It's a great core toner and amazing how much you work your arms and waist, and did I mention it's flipping fun as well !

Now Zoe can do a few more tricks than the one hoop I was managing, (check out our Instagram Post @flipthedogyoga for an awesome video of her in her Flip the Dogs hooping her socks off in the sunshine!) So much fun making that! 

There are lots of videos and tutorials to be found online if you want to give it a go..... My 8 year old was hooping in the sunshine with Zoe as well and loved it..... What a way to spend the afternoon.... :) It's great for co-ordination and flexibility, works those abs, obliques, glutes and thighs.... boy did my arms hurt whirling that hoop around.... If you want to mix up your exercise, give it a try..... no fancy gym membership for this one.... just a good quality hoop (or if you are Zoe, 5-6) and some space..... And our Paint the World Pink leggings look pretty damn good as well.... Happy hoopy sunny days!

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