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Flip the Dog. Literally.

Helen Mincher flip the dog yoga posture yoga teacher

We love the name Flip The Dog for our business as it works on so many levels for us... The connection to yoga and the yoga pose 'Wild Thing' being an obvious one. But for those yogis googling ‘Flip The Dog’ in an attempt to find ways to perfect this tricky yoga posture… then Bingo! Not only can you buy a pair of gorgeously made, sustainable yoga pants, you can also achieve your goal.

No honourable Flip The Dog website would be complete without a ‘How to Flip The Dog’… This is a really clear little video that helped us improve our vinyasa into posture.  Now you can go crazy and Flip The Dog IN your Flip The Dogs.... Go get ‘em wild thing! 

And for those interested in why, of all the names in all the world that you could name an activewear label, we chose Flip The Dog, then you can read our thinking here.




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