Flip the Dog takes time in Croatia

One of our team is just back from Croatia.... if you have never been.... and it's not on your bucket list.... why the flipping heck not! Its gorgeous... and for any Game of Thrones fans out there.... you can geek out in Dubrovnik and round about on the locations they shot some scenes at..... We even got some Flip the Dog action going on on the steps in Dubrovnik where Cersei did her walk of shame.... if you have no idea what I am talking about, you will just think it is a rather dull picture of some steps.... :) (awesome leggings though!)
And the sunsets are just stunning..... beautiful meditating by the water.... sunset in the background..... so peaceful.... time to reflect.... that for me is what holidays are all about.... time...... time to breathe, time to appreciate, time with family, time to explore and time to see and appreciate more, and time not spent in someone's armpit on the tube, or stressing about deadlines..... just time..... 
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We hope you have managed to get away somewhere this summer.... whether it be away on a plane or simply away to a quiet place to give yourself a place to press pause....... even if just for a while.... 


Time is a gift.... make the most of it... xxx

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