Flipping British Made :)


We are really proud of the fact that all of our products are designed and made in England. There is so much pressure on all sorts of businesses to outsource production, manufacture abroad, use cheaper materials and cut costs, Flip the Dog included. But we have continued with the beliefs with which Flip the Dog was founded and choose to put these above our profit margins.

By making in the UK, we are confident in the quality of our products and the environments in which they are made and trust in the people involved in bringing our products to the market. We all over everything from design through to dispatching the final Dogs to our lovely customers. 

Increased awareness of ethical issues often associated with working conditions abroad – means more and more consumers are thinking more carefully about where their products comes from. In the fashion domain, provenance of our clothing is key and unethical working standards, cheap, low quality, "throwaway" clothing and sustainability issues have come to the forefront and consumers are increasingly discriminating about which brands they will buy. Today, being able to say that your products are "Made in Britain" is a powerful message to be able to send. It says a lot about the company and where it wants to see itself in this competitive market and what it values.
We also proudly support other returning to work mothers and other women entrepreneurs and those wanting to make changes for the better. 
Buying British products supports our economy, it encourages home-grown design and manufacturing talent and it helps the environmental effort.
Flip the Dog xx


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