Flipping new collection!!!!!

Well, since taking over Flip the Dog earlier this year, it has been a busy time and a learning curve of the extremely steep variety...... However, after much hard work, difficult decision making and wonderful fun times, we are really looking forward to launching our new collection of fitness wear. Man it is hard to decide on the designs!!.... but we knew, when this line up of vibrant funky prints evolved in front of us on the page, we had found the next stage of Flip the Dog's journey. We will be unleashing the collection v soon!!! 

We are staying true to the foundations of Flip the Dog, with an all British designed and manufactured range created with the eco friendly recycled plastics silky soft fabric you know us for. We have mixed it up and as well as our leggings, you can now Flip your Dog in our shorts and bra tops. The versatile shorts have the same high-waisted design you like. The bra top is lined and holds those bad boys in place whilst you move.

We hope you love the designs as much we do. We can't wait to see these out there! As a small independent fitness fashion label there are many challenges..... but it is worth it?.... hell yeah!

Flip the Dog xx


Some behind the manufacturing scenes shots.... all our products are made by the same awesome team of people..... No mass produced industrial manufacturing line for these Dogs.... Mindfully made in the UK.


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