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Jenny Croston: Yoga teacher, Mother, Household CEO

As a budding yoga fanatic, I am on the eternal hunt for the perfect pair of leggings to support my downward dog. Current consensus, certainly in my gym circles, is that Lululemon’s or Sweaty Betty are the Holy Grail of women’s workout leggings. But at £80 - £100 per pair, they seem awfully spendy for a staple that’s just meant to get sweaty.

By chance, I stumbled across ‘Flip the Dog” yoga leggings. Flip The Dog is a new breed of yoga wear that sets out to do things differently. Even the name is cute – a pose punning as a brand name. Reading their website, I was impressed by their ethos, and amazed at it’s revolutionary manufacturing process. Flip the Dig intercepts plastic bottles from landfill giving them a new lease of life as stylish yoga pants. Who knew that lycra was essentially plastic? Certainly not me - as a mother I am increasingly conscious of the waste footprint i'm leaving behind.

I’ve been wearing a pair of their 'Ol'sub atomic blues' recently and love how flattering and functional they are. They’re completely opaque & shape retentive - no awkward downward dogs or baggy knees here.

For me, I love the fact that buying a pair of Flip The Dog yoga pants isn't just a smart investment in your activewear wardrobe, it helps to support a small, female-run British business and enables me to contribute to a sustainable, fair economy, safe in the knowledge that I'm not damaging the planet. You’ll also look “flipping” gorgeous at the same time....... X

***FLIP THE DOG*** "Jenny Croston has been an amazing advocate of Flip The Dogs. She embodies our brand values of 'strength, family, fun and positivity', and we are very proud to have watched her journey into an inspirational yoga teacher.  Anyone who wants to begin their own practice or work on some advanced poses could not find a better teacher than Jenny".

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