Get outside - Geocache time! Spring adventures!

If you have ever seen some suspicious looking types scrabbling around pulling small concealed packages out of tree trunks or lamp posts, they are quite possibly either drug dealers or out Geocaching. Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of geocaching and so they would firmly have had the drug dealer label attached to them but........ yet, again late to the party, this weekend, I tried geocaching for the first time.

I'm always on the lookout for things to get the kids outside.... to avoid the electronics argument and get some fresh air. Put the two together and you have geocaching. Yay!


For those of you who have no idea what Geocaching is, it is essentially a game where players use GPS receivers on their mobiles to track down a container, or cache. Caches may contain any number of small items, or they may only contain a logbook for players to sign to mark their find. There are paid versions of these Apps or free versions with less options. There are various apps out there, we tried the free version of the 'Geocaching' app.

I was amazed by the number of geocaches in our local area and the kids absolutely loved it, possibly almost as much as me! You just pick the first one to hunt for and off you go. They can be anything from teeny tiny magnetised tubes on the back of lamp posts, boxes at the base of a tree to things hanging from branches requiring some tree agility courtesy of my 7 year old. You find the item, sign the log book, put it back where you found it and log your find on the app. We just set off from our house and found 6 in about 1.5 hours. Have to say the Hints on the app came in handy... some of our caches were tricky little dudes to find! The kids would have carried on and we will definitely be out there again. It will add an extra layer to any day out as these things are everywhere. Quite amazing how this comes together. If you are not doing it yet...... give it a try. There is so much world to explore out there. 





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