Trendy Workout Routines for You

If you dread working out in the gym and feel miserable while doing so, then it’s time that you implement some changes. These trendy workout routines are all you need to make exercise interesting and fun!

If you hate your workout routine, the chances of you going back for it every day are slim to none. Getting over boredom and finding something you genuinely look forward to is a difficult task. If you are ready to step outside the box, give yourself a new challenge, and try something new, then these fitness options might be just what you are looking for!

Black Light Yoga

If you are a yoga junkie who enjoys it to an extreme or you’re just looking to enhance the traditional yoga experience, then black light yoga is definitely the way to go. As the name suggests, in this workout routine, you perform yoga under the glow of a black light. This yoga with a twist is accompanied with some upbeat music and a dance sequence so that you feel like you’re enjoying in a night club rather than a boring yoga studio. Try wearing some vibrant gym wear to elevate the experience!


Bokwa is a trendy new kind of cardio dance workout that has you drawing numbers and letters with your feet, and the steps of the heart-pumping routine are easy to master. This instructor-led routine is carried out to the beat of hip-hop music. In addition to following the instructor’s directions, participants are persuaded to improvise on their own. The amazing combination of high-energy, upbeat music, easy-to-learn dance moves, and the freedom to be creative makes it one of the most fun amusing exercise sessions! Search online to find your nearest venue.

Dance Fitness

There are numerous dance fitness classes you can try this year. Just because some sessions aren’t given the name of a ‘fitness class’ doesn’t mean that they can’t help you get fit! Apart from bokwa, HiiT, ballet, salsa, Zumba, hip hop, belly dancing, jazzersize, pole dancing, and freestyle are some of the trendiest and the easiest dance routines for you to spruce up your boring gym sessions. And if you want a flashback to your cute primary ballet classes, why not try an adult ballet class. It is sooo good for your posture and core and you may surprise yourself with what you remember - demi-plié. anyone!!? And there’s no harm in jazzing up your activewear while you’re at it to gain some more confidence and spirit!

Aerial yoga 

Aerial yoga and other similar types of classes include using both the ground and the support of a suspended ribbon to modify the traditional, standard yoga to a multi-dimensional experience.  Although there is not much fast-paced movement involved in this routine, the workout will help you in building plenty of core and arm strength. As with every other class, studios offer aerial yoga classes for beginners, so don’t let yourself get intimidated by the complex terms!

Aerial fitness

Learning new skills and getting an amazing core workout is what you will find at aerial / circus fit classes. Try aerial silks, aerial hoop or trapeze. Build your upper body strength and surprise yourelf with what you will be able to do. As you will (eventually) be working at a height and as with any fitness class, It is really important to choose a well run studio and find a teacher who teaches you the right techniques, not just the stuff that looks good. We love here in Surrey! You may recognise the studio in some of our photos! :) 

Find what works for you - if you are going to stick to something, you need to enjoy it. 

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