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Flip The Dog founders

Helen Mincher

Juggling small children, a demanding career, investing in friendships and my community (and squeezing in a run with the dog) means i don't have spare time. My yoga practice is incredibly important to me, as it is my time, my connection to my body, and to my self.  

And that is why I am so excited to bring our first collection to market. I wanted them to be respectful of the place that yoga has in the hearts and minds of modern women, enabling her to be her most authentic and brightest self; to be as vibrant as the wearer and as expressive as the practice itself.

Favourite pair of Flip The Dog yoga leggings:

Paint the world pink: I’m not normally one for pink… but these are brilliantly bold, ooze confidence and yet are ultra feminine. The subtle pattern is quite flattering too!

Rebecca Handley

I wasn’t satisfied in my career, and hadn’t been for a number of years. I knew in my heart that I wanted to spend my time creating something that stood for good in the world and that had meaning beyond shareholder profits.

By taking time to ask questions and look a little deeper, we've been able to re-think the standard fashion industry model. Buying a pair of Flip The Dog pants isn't just an investment in your active wear wardrobe, it helps to support small, female-run British businesses and enables you to contribute to a sustainable, fair economy.  

I increasingly care about what I put in my body, the provenance of the clothes I wear and the impact my actions and choices have on the planet.  We've tried to make Flip The Dog a socially and environmentally responsible choice for people and I'm immensely proud of what we've been able to achieve so far.  

Favourite pair of Flip The Dog yoga leggings:

This changes daily. Today I’m loving the very modern understated colours of 'The universe within'. Of course promised stellar alignment is always welcome!

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