Flip the Dog Gallery

We love to see you wearing and putting our products through their paces and hearing what you think of them...  So we thought we would start a Flipping Gallery..... to inspire us and you.....
Tag us at #flipthedoguk Share on Facebook, get in touch with us here ........ and we may add you... Keep 'em coming! :) Our products are renowned for their flexibility, softness, cut and style and let's not forget the fact that they are made from recycled plastics and British designed and manufactured. (Find out about the fabric here. )
  @Verofitafter40 via Instagram, winner of a pair of Prism Effects in our give away link up with September 2018
gymcookies_fordeadlifts Instagram 2018 Squat Proof in Paint the World Pinks :)
Our Orion's Correlations on their travels in Sri Lanka with Zero Waste Striver, @kimberleysaysok via Instagram

Trip the Light Fantastics on the Hoop... @sophielouiseaerial
 Flip the Dog's on the ice   Trip the Light Fantastics Handstand style      
'Paint to the World Pinks' - see them here              'Trip the Light Fantastics' - see them here
(@zoegeorginaruth)                                                  (@pole_doll_x)
            Flip the Dog's on the aerial hoop #kimberleysaysok          ChloeBruce kicking them out....
 'Orion's Correlations ' - see them here (@kimberleysaysok)  
                                                                          'Eddies Of Infinity' - see them here (@chloebruce)
       Trip the Light Fantastic's cityscape action
'The Ol' Sub Atomic Blues'  - see them here        'Trip the Light Fantastics' - see them here
(@theordinarytruth)                                           (t.b.c)
         Flexing up the wall
Double whammy of 'Trip the Light Fantastics' - see them here. (@pole_doll_x and t.b.c)
Michelangelos pointing skyward    Painting the 'Beach' Pink
 'The Michaelanglos' - see them here                    'Paint the World Pinks' - see them here