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The fabric - your questions answered

Fabric manufacturers have realised that there is a way to put all of those discarded plastic bottles to good use and give them new life. Recycling is after all kind of like magic, turning things into new things.
To make recycled polyester, the bottles are cleaned, sorted and ground up by machines. The small pieces then get melted and the softened plastic spun into a yarn which can be used to create fabrics. This can be mixed with small amounts of materials like elastane to produce the performance fabrics used for active wear. 
Using recycled materials in this way can lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the amount of waste, including the amount of plastic which ends up in our oceans and landfill is reduced. Plastic bottles are estimated to take up to 450 years or more to decompose. Whilst the decomposition can happen more quickly where the bottles are exposed to light, e.g. in the ocean, this simply breaks the bottles down into smaller plastic components which end up in the stomachs of animals or wash up on beaches and shorelines. 
In the case of the fabrics we have carefully selected for our products, the base fabric produced with the recycled plastics yarn is then digitally printed, leaving only a recyclable paper sheet behind.